A payment gateway integration for shops — new idea for multi brand cashback system by Brand Tokens

We all love getting cashback on shopping, don’t we? And as brands we definitely love how we can get customers to buy more, come back next time, and even bring us new consumers. In Brand Tokens we want to redefine traditional loyalty & marketing solutions, so we couldn’t have missed this one!

We were thinking over and over again how to develop a cashback system even more attractive for customers and then we realized: why not give people cashback from many different subjects with one purchase? Furthermore, why couldn’t they get cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH apart from cash? We want to give our users everything!

Thanks to Tokeneo we were able to design a plan of payment gateway integrations for brands in our community. Long story short: when a user purchases a product/service they get a cashback in cash, cryptocurrencies chosen (BTC, ETH) or our BRND tokens. Additionally they get a certain amount of the shop’s xB tokens, as in traditional loyalty programs. However, one shop may be selling products of many different brands, so the user should get extra xB tokens of the producer, too. For example, you can buy MilkyCow milk in YummyGrocery store and get rewarded with xB-Milky + xB-Yummy for just this one purchase. But wait, there’s more!

To make this system more wholesome, we want to include another add-on in it. We want to give users a small amount of ‘extra tokens’ from external brands with every purchase. It will be a new form of marketing for brands, allowing them to reach new, targeted customers. Since we are creating a community of brands, it seems natural that some of them will want to partner with others, especially the ones with similar target groups. Imagine that an electronics producer Electron launches a new line of headphones dedicated to sports lovers. How do they get sports enthusiasts to visit their shop? They simply launch 10 000 of their xB-Electron tokens and offer them to a famous sportswear brand Shoesx. Now every user who orders sneakers will get a cashback in not only crypto, the shop’s xB, and the shoe store’s xB-Shoesx, but also a small amount of xB-electron. Enough to make the user check Electron’s website or drop by while hanging out in the city. Since they have already gotten a free token, why not collect more and get a free reward, right?

All collected tokens could then be used for: getting discounts and free purchases in the shop (e.g. buying cheaper oranges at YummyGrocery for xB-Yummy) or getting offers from the producer (e.g. a free milk for xB-Milky in any shop that sells their milk). As with all brand tokens within our platform, users could also redeem them for fiat or cryptocurrencies any time and on any exchange.

Of course, there are some issues that still need considering within this plan, but refining and implementing it is definitely on our roadmap for 2020. We would love to hear our partners’ and users’ voice here — what do you think we should add to the integration? Are there any other options that would be cool to add there? What parts of the plan are unclear or doubtful in your opinion? We welcome everyone to join our Telegram Global Chat or one of the chats for Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Vietnamese communities and share your ideas and questions!

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