Brand Tokens — Integration with Zapier and IFTTT.

Loyalty Points

We all know what loyalty points are. We pick them up every day, shopping for our groceries, buying petrol, and even ordering our favorite coffee. But rarely do they bring us much joy. We are easily put off by their limitations; where you can spend them and how many points you have to collect before you can actually buy anything. All too often we collect the points and forget about them only to find they have expired.

With Brand Tokens, any brand, organization, or community will be able to create their own blockchain-based tokens. They will enable their users to earn and spend tokens in multiple, global places; from online shopping to the everyday apps we use at home and work. Tokens can even be traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges making them as good as receiving cash!

Brand Tokens will provide an API for easy integration with the thousands of applications available through Zapier and IFTTT. What does this mean? Zapier and IFTTT are platforms that enable you to connect apps and devices to make them work together. E.g. Your Slack account can be connected to your Google calendar so you’ll get a notification in Slack when you have a meeting.

By integrating with Zapier and IFTTT, the Brand Tokens API can be quickly and easily integrated into thousands of the apps and enable tokens to be rewarded and received seamlessly and fully automated.

Trello, Google, Zendesk, Calendly, Twitter and many more

Businesses could reward their staff with tokens for completing a task on Trello or solving a ticket on Zendesk. Staff members would be able to spend their tokens, in real-time, at a multitude of global locations without complicated rules and restrictions. Customers will be more willing to leave a great review on Google My Business if they were offered tokens as a reward that they could instantly exchange for vouchers or crypto.

Brands can use tokens to incentivize customers to sign up to their newsletter or encourage clients to book a demo meeting on Calendly. Clothing brands and social media influencers could use tokens to reward new followers on Twitter. These are just a few examples of how tokens can be used, but the ideas are endless, and further global platforms will continue to be integrated.

Brand Tokens is making loyalty schemes more fun, valuable, and accessible to everyone. By revolutionizing the way customers earn and spend tokens, brands will benefit from an increase in valuable customer engagement, loyalty, and sales. Customers will feel greatly incentivized, making them more willing to promote or refer the brand to their friends and family. By integrating with Zapier and IFTTT, Brand Tokens will quickly be able to scale through their established channels.

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