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What’s wrong with loyalty schemes these days? Practically everything you buy has a different loyalty scheme attached to it. You purchase your groceries, swipe your loyalty card, and throw it back into your purse or wallet. Or how about that latte with the extra whipped cream you’ve just purchased? “Have you signed up to our loyalty app sir?” Oh yes, you have; somewhere on your phone, you’ve saved the app. But while the queue of impatient customers builds up rapidly behind you, you abandon your search and resolve to find it later.

Reward schemes are great when they work. But the problem we have is that there are too many cards to collect, apps to download, and point statements to go through. And when you finally remember to use the rewards, you are limited to only spending them in the places that you collected them. By the time you have figured out all the rules about how you can spend your points, they’ve expired!

Imagine a loyalty scheme that combines all of the brands you love to use every day. With Brand Tokens this dream becomes a reality. At work, you could earn points for completing your Trello tasks and then spend them at lunchtime on those shoes you’ve been eyeing up all month. Sounds great right? How about earning tokens for commenting on a Twitter post and then donating the rewards to your favorite charity?

With Brand Tokens, all this and more will be possible. Any brand, organization, or community will be able to create their own blockchain-based tokens and use them to reward their customers. But unlike other loyalty schemes, these tokens will be tradable across multiple locations; in stores, online, via apps, and globally. The possibilities are endless, as more brands sign up and join the revolution. Brand Tokens is still developing and currently running beta testing. So this is where you can get involved and take control of which brands you would like to see included. Brand Tokens has just opened up their voting campaign, where you can now vote for brands you think should join:

You can vote for any brand you wish and vote up to 10 times for 12 hours. For each vote, you will earn 1 BRND. This is Brand Token’s own token which will soon be exchangeable for cash on crypto exchanges as well as exchangeable with other brands’ tokens in the scheme. In addition, you can take part in special giveaways just for voting. You can also get up to 100 BRDN for referring your favorite brands and sharing their voting profiles with friends. They then get free tokens for voting and even more tokens inviting friends!

The brand that have been voted for the most in July will receive 1 000 000 BRND and a free premium subscription to the Brand Tokens platform. So get voting for your favorite brand now and make sure they become part of this revolutionary loyalty scheme.

Let’s say goodbye to multiple points cards and loyalty apps. No longer will we need to fumble around our purse for the right card or desperately search for where we’ve stored that app on our phone. Brand Tokens is making loyalty schemes more accessible and valuable to both brands and their customers.

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