Dancers around the world will connect through DANCE Token — new partnership.

AirDance Academy issues DANCE token on Brand Tokens platform.

The world’s first live-streaming dance e-learning platform and the world’s first global blockchain-based loyalty platform come together to give you a whole new user experience! Brand Tokens have just partnered with AirDance and will launch their Dance Token, creating endless opportunities for dancers around the world.

In the time of pandemic the world changes rapidly and we try to adapt to new rules, conditions and restrictions. Last months were particularly difficult for artists, who could no longer practice and perform — and a big group of them were dancers. However, these times are gone now. AirDance has launched the first global platform, where both professionals and amateurs can attend classes with the most famous instructors around the world. It not only gives dance lovers a chance to keep developing their skills and stay in shape, but also creates new possibilities. One can now attend classes and workshops of their favorite instructors throughout the world without any additional costs or travels — how cool is that? It is also a huge help to the instructors, who had lost most of their jobs and couldn’t perform, nor run regular classes. The recent global crisis has shown us that despite helping people stay mentally and physically healthy, the dance industry is one of the weak links in the modern world. Therefore it is very important to incentivize dancers to search for new ways of development and adapting to the current situation without giving up what they love the most.

As we all know, dancing connects people. Now dancing will have its own token issued thanks to Brand Tokens platform and will literally connect dancers around the world in one network, easily integrated in a mobile app. The Dance Token will be used as a dance world currency, allowing users to pay for classes, workshops, competitions, subscriptions to AirDance platform and to have access to special events. Additionally, it will work as a loyalty token — similar to loyalty points in traditional programs — to reward dancers loyal to AirDance and offer them various perks. Users will also be able to exchange it for other brands’ perks within the AirDance partners network, and trade for cryptocurrencies and fiat on the Brand Tokens marketplace and other exchanges.

So far performing arts weren’t exposed to blockchain technology and the time has come to change it. AirDance and Brand Tokens collaboration is meant to teach millions of dancers on how they could benefit from tokenization, at the same time creating a new use for it in the dance world. Adopting blockchain will help build more engaged communities around dance schools, students, instructors and platforms like AirDance. It is especially important in times when we all feel the need of being a part of a group we could share and develop our interests with.

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