ICO and Voting is over! Time for a token burn.

Hello Everyone.

After 6 months, we are closing our ICO and a Voting contest.

The winner of the most wanted token of November is http://mamoniarze.pl/ where you can find places to earn some money online.

ICO is over and unsold tokens from the preICO and ICO has been burned, 408 844 000 BRND in total — it makes up approx. 40.8% of the total supply!

Link to the burn transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x5d1817c7343fc200d6b5b30d42c58a6de64b4a1cd76f997868b87a01d1b4d2e9

Our token offering has collided with the pick of the pandemic, and as many other startups we have struggled to cope with it but we have managed to raise 50 100 USD and sold 33 400 000 BRND.

Amount raised is not much, but we have decided to do as much as we can with it. We really believe that brand tokens are a valuable business idea because we have seen a need for it from you.

We are under development of a WooCommerce plugin that will allow any shop to:

1. Issue their own ERC20 brand token.

2. Operate a wallet on their own website for every client — send/receive offchain/onchain.

3. Sell their own tokens in their own store — as an ordinary product.

4. Accept the payment for the products with their own token.

5. Stake 1 000 000 BRND to use this plugin with no fees.

This will be our MVP (Minimum viable product) and if we will get some significant adoption it will be a good news to BRND token holders. We plan to launch the plugin in January 2021. It will coincide with the exchange listing.

BRND token airdrop.

We plan to perform an airdrop for all users from a bounty program between 5–7 of December 2020. It depends on the gas price on Ethereum. In order to secure the interest of investors, we decided to distribute just 991 812 BRND in the Airdrop. You can check if you are eligible for the airdrop in this google spreadsheet.

Thank you very much for your support and please hold fingers crossed for Brand Tokens.

Token as a service. Tokenize your brand, Reward your customers.