Tokenize your brand, Reward your customers was founded in Estonia, Headquartered in Warsaw Poland, to explore and invent high-end technologies that would improve people’s lives. Our company has been making strides into different tech areas, and we are already in the planning phase to expand into the global market. We are building an exchange platform and a loyalty network that leverages blockchain technology in order to reflect the utility of a modern loyalty network. With BRND Tokens, we are helping businesses connect to a loyalty network, on which they can build and distribute their unique loyalty token (xB). We are giving businesses an easy way to create their own loyalty coin and build stronger customer relationships. This idea is based on the commitment to reform the loyalty industry that the OU team upholds. This reform, as earlier stated, is driven by the blockchain technology,

which we believe has a huge potential for various industries, including the loyalty management industry.


BRND Token is designed as a TaaS. The TaaS model presents an innovative model that enables businesses to capitalize on the rise of blockchain without dealing with hurdles, risks, and technical barriers associated with creating and owning tokens. Our business model pools together blockchain advancements and the emergence of crypto-economics to empower all our token holders and create a better reward system. On registering on the Brand Token network and acquiring BRND Token, which is the key token running the network, businesses can create their own unique token (xB). Each business can use its unique xB to reward their customers in a more efficient way. We are offering businesses the opportunity to have their own unique token without going through all the technical challenges and costs of creating a token from scratch. Our platform has made it very easy for each business to reward its customers with the coin of their choice. This way each business maintains its brand, unlike other loyalty platforms that enforce a single general token for all businesses. The fact that each business can create their

own token on our platform makes us stand out among the competition.


Traditional loyalty and reward programs are at a crossroads as a result of an inability to adapt and meet demands from customers. Users sign up for loyalty programs with the expectation of increasing earning capabilities, transparent terms, and ease of redemption, but are often faced with complicated processes to earn rewards and find it even more difficult to spend them. Instead of earning loyal customers, these loyalty reward programs are causing companies losses in revenue and customers. Some of the major problems include the following: cash-back rewards delays, functional restrictions, no favorable infrastructure, and many more.


Research has further shown that giving customers more autonomy and options in terms of the structure of loyalty, flexibility on when to redeem, relevant Infrastructure, automated redemption, fast Channels, and cash-like Token Rewards will help to tackle the market problem. With the help of blockchain technology, the needed solution can be provided. Brand Tokens is building tools that enable organizations and companies to issue and manage their own branded tokens.


One of the core values driving BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares benefits with only a few directors, we believe a network-type of arrangement is better. Since we allow brands to create their own token on our platform, which is the xB token, we are offering them a unique personalized loyalty program opportunity that is easy and cost-effective to run. This way, we are transforming the loyalty management market.


Brand Tokens platform is planning to perform an ICO to raise funding for the future development of the product.

Investing in a brand is always a good idea, but can be quite risky. How about investing in thousands of them? Minimize the risk and become an investor of Brand Tokens — first global multi-brand loyalty application.

Why should you invest in BRND?

  • Limited supply, increasing price
  • Exchange listing guaranteed by
  • Experienced International Team
  • Buyback from profits, see a business model in the whitepaper
  • A free premium subscription for brands staking 1mln BRND tokens

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